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Brand: DrinkcAn

Model: DrikcAn Shine Product Origin: india Technology: USA

Warranty: 02 Years replacement guaranty (Motor,SV,Adaptor) & (01 Year free service)

 Purification by: 6-stage

-------(Sediment +Carbon+Reverse Osmosis (RO)+UV+TDS+UF+mineral) 

System: Fully Automatic with Auto On/Off Best

Suitable for: Wall Mounted/Table Top.

Storage Tank Capacity: 09 Liters.

Purification Capacity: 20 Liters/Hr.

RO Membrane: 100 GPD (0.001 micron)

Operating Voltage: 24 V DC Weight: 11 Kg (Approx.) [Add Minerals, PH Enhancer, Reduce ORP, Remove Bacteria]

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